Repeater board

Repeater kit board with Cable

Repeater kit board with Cable

News: V3 F446 publish begin 2019-6-25, with STM32F446, FOX 12MHz TCXO, DB9 interface, 4PIN header fo..


Repeater Model_A:  ALC_RPT_NX

Repeater Model_A: ALC_RPT_NX

Name: Acrylic "L" Case Repeater Kit for NextionRepeater Model_A1 : ALC_RPT_NX32including:1x Repeater..


Repeater Model_D:  3Bplus_RPT_FAN

Repeater Model_D: 3Bplus_RPT_FAN

Name: Reptater kit with 3Bplus and FANRepeater Model_D : 3Bplus_RPT_FANincluding:1x Repeater Kit PCB..


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