Terms & Conditions


MMDVM is an open source amateur radio education project.
It can never replace your professional needs. It's not perfect, it's under development all the time, and it doesn't stop.
View the project and join discussion https://github.com/g4klx/

As a DIY development board, I only provide remote technical support, through email, Facebook IM, remote desktop.

Due to the import electronic products to China mainland, customs clearance is very difficult. Once you buy and receive the goods, I will not provide a refund service.

I am just an amateur radio enthusiast, using my rest time to make MMDVM board , provide limited (what I know) technical support , not a company, not a team, please do not expect to get 7x24 full day service.

All of your messages will be reply, but not immediately all the time. Maybe I am working, maybe I am looking for information for you.

To use this MMDVM development board kit, you must take part in community discussion, to gain more experiences. I don't know everything.

Thank you for your support.